North Shore Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Extra Curricular


At North Shore Academy we are committed to providing a wide range of experiences to students outside of the classroom. Through Deep Experience, we offer an extra-curricular programme which allow students to use a range of social skills in various sporting, cultural, artistic and academic areas.

Enrichment 2018/19

Students can participate in a number of enrichment clubs to enhance their learning and participation in academy life. Please see our ‘Clubs’ section for a current list of opportunities for students in the Academy.

Alongside the enrichment clubs, we offer a Student Pledge programme which allows students to contribute to the wider ethos of the Academy. Students can receive bronze, silver and gold badges for the number of pledges they have completed and rewarded with events such as residential trips and school prom when reaching certain targets.

Pledge Booklet

Students who want to take responsibility for changes in the Academy can embark upon our Student Voice programme and apply to become Chairs,Vice Chairs or just a member of the Satellite Groups that are ran including Teaching and Learning, Hospitality, Sport, Health and Well-being, SMSC and Charity.Ambitious students can then apply to be Student Voice President to oversee the programme and work alongside their peers. We encourage students to take an active part to ensure students have their voice heard.

All Year 11 students are offered intervention opportunities to support with GCSE and BTEC qualifications. Interventions run after the school day from 2.30pm – 3.30pm.

Year 11 Intervention Timetable 2018/19