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History is a subject that is guaranteed to make you think about the world and changes it has experienced. Looking back at world events will help you make sense of the world you live in today. All through the course our main efforts are to find out what happened and explain why people behaved in the way they did. This attempt to understand human behaviour is the most important part of the study of History. History is a subject that involves discussion, arguments, analysis and investigations which students enjoy contributing to and taking part in.

Course information and structure:

The new 1-9 GCSE in History consists of two papers each with two studies:

Paper 1- Understanding the Modern World, Period study option will be 'America 1920-1973: Inequality and Opportunity, and our Wider World Depth Study will be 'Conflict and Tension, 1894-1918'.

Paper 2-Shaping the Nation, Thematic Study will be 'Migration Empire and the People c790 - to the present day, and our British Depth Study will be 'Norman England 1066-1100'.

Each option is worth 40 marks equating to 25% of the overall GCSE Grade.

For more information contact Mr N. Cummins, Head of History