North Shore Academy

Inspiring Healthy Minds


At the heart of our policy on teaching and learning is the desire to build effective learning. We pursue excellence by meeting the learning needs of every student, so that they are inspired to grow into independent learners and can make outstanding progress.

Our aim is to ensure a high standard of teaching, which encourages students to actively engage in their own learning. Our lessons are designed to cumulatively build progress for learners. In every lesson teachers share the progress steps the students are required to make. This ensures students are well informed about how they are learning, what they are learning and why they are learning it.

Lessons are designed to ensure students have opportunities to construct their learning for themselves. Teachers design activities to boost student participation in lessons and make learning more active. To ensure activities meet the needs of all learners, all faculties design and deliver progression units which are differentiated. Teachers ensure learning activities are differentiated to stretch and support learners so all can access the tasks and make good progress.

Progress is an important aspect of effective learning and is tracked in all years through 6 half term assessments. Heads of School work with Leaders of Faculty to identify any students who are underperforming and to provide appropriate intervention to help students get back on track. Progress is shared with students who can track their progress on the Key Stage progress boards. Progress and effort is acknowledged through our reward system.

Teaching aims to build the habits of good learning in our students. Teachers build opportunities in their lessons for students to build these habits e.g. active listening, managing distractions, distilling information, collaborating with others, sustaining concentration, using resources effectively etc.

Building a love of learning is not simply the remit of the classroom, lots of learning opportunities are offered to students and staff beyond lessons. Students and staff learn together at Curry and sports clubs and our community helps our students learn too in our Knitting and Gardening clubs. Students can even help others learn through our Be Brilliant scheme.

Our teachers are highly committed and interested in learning. The academy is keen to build excellence and provides highly effective professional development opportunities for its staff. Time is dedicated every week to staff professional development. Bespoke training programmes are offered and staff can request additional support from a menu of training and development opportunities. To continually improve the quality of our teaching, teachers have access to on-line teaching support resources and guidance, coaching, diagnostic observations, learner reviews, learning community groups and high quality INSET etc. Additionally, we actively support our staff development through Teachers Leaders, Future Leaders, Teach First, NPQSL and NPQH programmes etc.