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I have great pleasure in welcoming you to North Shore Academy

I am delighted to have started in my new role as Principal of North Shore Academy and I would like to thank the staff and students for the very warm welcome they have given me. In addition, it is clear that parents and carers are also very supportive of the Academy, students are smart in their uniform and well-equipped for learning.

As you know, the Academy staff are absolutely dedicated to the education of all young people at NSA and our focus is to ensure this continues; that standards continue to rise and that we build on the positive Ofsted report received in March 2016. Like you, we want every student to achieve their best and have a positive experience that offers them a range of opportunities to develop themselves, not just academically, but in their understanding of the world around them and how they can succeed in their future choices.

School Improvement is challenging but please be reassured that we will communicate regularly with you and look forward to seeking your views on systems and developments. The education system we are learning and working in is demanding and has seen many changes in recent years, every school must alter their practices to remain efficient and effective.

Our priority is to give your children the best education possible, because that is what every child deserves.

M O'Connor