North Shore Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred


Academy Staff

Key Contacts 2019-2020

Academy Leadership Team

Executive Principal - Mr M Robson

Acting Principal - Mr A Murphy

Vice Principal (Head of Deep Learning) - Miss D Law

Acting Vice Principal (Deep Support/DSL) - Mr M Garthwaite

Acting Associate Vice Principal - Mr S Jones (Attendance)

Care and Support contacts in the Academy:

Learning Manager Year7 – Miss H Fitzgerald
Learning Manager Year 8 – Miss E Dickinson
Learning Manager Year 9 – Miss R Lonsdale
Learning Manager Year 10 – Mr P Wilson
Learning Manager Year 11 – Miss B Gibbon

Mrs L Packer - Safeguarding and Well-being Officer
Mrs E Wells - Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator
Mr G Randhawa - EAL Co-ordinator
Miss K Atterton - Data & Examinations Manager
Miss R Horobin - Attendance Administrator

If you require any help or information telephone the Academy on 01642 612381 or email [email protected]

Full staff list 2019

Teaching Staff

Allon, S - Mathematics Teacher

Bell, J - ICT Teacher

Booth, R - English Teacher

Boyle, R - Subject Lead PE & Primary Partnership Lead

Cole, A - Art Teacher

Cooper, G - English Teacher

Cummings, N - Subject Lead History/Associate Assistant Principal

Garthwaite, M - Acting Vice Principal Deep Support

Graham, S - PE Teacher

Greening, L - English Teacher (Second in Department)

Harrington, R - Maths Teacher

Harrison, S - 1-2-1 Maths Tutor

Hewitt, S - 1-2-1 English Tutor

Howard, M - Technology Teacher

Jones, M - Assistant Principal

Jones, S - Acting Associate Vice Principal

Khadim, N - Lead Practitioner Science

Killow, J - MFL Teacher

Kirtley, A - Performing Arts Teacher

Landers, D - Science Teacher

Law, D - Vice Principal/Head of Deep Learning

Leahy, A - Mathematics Teacher

Madden, C - Humanities Teacher

Mason, C - Subject Leader RE, Citizenship and PSHE

Moore, L - Head of Department - Science

Mower, L - English Teacher

O'Donnell, K - Mathematics Teacher (Second in Department)

Robson, M - Executive Principal

Shanley, G - Textiles Technology Teacher

Snead, V - Head of Department - English

Swash, P - Geography Teacher/Associate Assistant Principal

Walsh, A - PE Teacher & Enrichment Lead

Weir, R - Mathematics Teacher

Wells, E - SEND Co-ordinator/Aspiring Leader

Wilson, S - STEM Co-ordinator & Subject Lead Technology

Zaheer, J - PE Teacher

Associate Staff

Adams, R - Attendance Administrator

Atkinson, J - Learning Resource Assistant

Atterton, K - Data & Examinations Officer

Bowman, M - Receptionist

Boyes, M - Cleaner

Briggs, J - Cleaner

Brown, V - Teaching Assistant

Carberry, S - Inclusion Administrator

Dickinson, E - Learning Manager

Dwyer, B - Cleaner

Fitzgerald, H - Learning Manager

Frost, J - Cleaner

Gibbon, B - Inclusion Coordinator

Golding, R - Cleaner

Gowing, M - Cleaner

Hart-Elliott, S - Teaching Assistant

Healey, J - Business Manager

Honeyman, S - Teaching Assistant

Horobin, R - Attendance Administrator

Howes, E - Community Zone Receptionist

Kelly, D - Cover Supervisor

Lonsdale, R - Learning Manager

McGough, L - Cleaner

Mulhearn, B - Site Manager

Nichol, C - Teaching Assistant

O'Hara, L - Office Manager / PA

Outhwaite, S - Reprographics and Aministrative Assistant

Packer, L - Safeguarding and Well-being Officer

Piggott, S - Teaching Assistant (English)

Quilliam, S - PLC Manager

Randhawa, G - EAL Co-ordinator

Renwick, B - Teaching Assistant

Smith, C - Curriculum Resource Technician - Technology

Spacey, P - Curriculum Resource Technician - Science

Sullivan, L - Business Services Assistant

Thornton, R - Supervisory Gatekeeper

Trimble, J - Supervisory Assistant

Walker, S - Bridge Manager

Warrior, J - Cover Supervisor

Wilson, P - Learning Manager

Wood, A - Site Officer

Woodhouse, C - Supervisory Assistant