North Shore Academy

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Assessment & Monitoring

How can I find out how well my child is doing?

What do I do if I have concerns about how well my child is doing? My child is struggling in school?

Half termly STEPS reports are produced reporting upon both effort and attainment across all subject areas. All parents will be informed of their child's progress each half term via their STEPS reports. Such information will be used to identify students who are not making progress and provide information to allow us to apply appropriate intervention.

If concerns are raised and after discussions with key staff and parents, appropriate additional support will be put into place to provide individual support to help overcome any difficulties. The views of the student about their support will be given consideration at this stage.

This additional support is documented on a Pupil Passport. This will have strategies, based on your child's individual needs, which teachers will implement and incorporate into their lessons to ensure your child is able to access the curriculum, progress and achieve. Where external agencies are involved, their advice and recommendations are included in these support programmes. Actions agreed take into account each student's strengths as well as their difficulties.

In some cases teaching assistant support may be allocated. This support is deployed to ensure your child can engage in lessons and wider school activities and to facilitate independent learning to support transition to adulthood.

Formal review meetings are held as required. Parents and where appropriate relevant external agencies and students are invited to this review and their contribution is valued.

North Shore Academy operate on an open-door policy in relation to meetings and telephone conversations. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ring the academy on 01642 612381 and speak to your child's Head of Year (for general concerns or updates on progress).