North Shore Academy

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Intervention & Support

What does the school offer for a student with SEND?

Teachers at North Shore Academy are able to adapt their teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Daily planning takes into account individual student's needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all students can experience success and challenge in their learning. Grouping arrangements are organised flexibly with opportunities for both ability and mixed setting to maximise learning opportunities for all.

To support Learning, Achievement and Attainment

Additional adults are used flexibly to help groups and individual students with a long term goal of developing independent learning skills. Monitoring takes place to avoid students becoming over reliant and dependent on this adult support.

Students may have access to provision to support dyslexia /develop literacy / numeracy / dyspraxia in the form of:

1-1 and/or small group intervention during tutor time:

- Focused reading lessons, with group or paired reading

- Access to Lexia (an individualised literacy computer programme) on a daily basis

- Access to I am Learning

- Access to My Maths

- Access to laptops / tablets

Students may have access to provision to support difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the form of:

- Time out Cards / quiet areas

- Supervised unstructured times of the day

-Students may have access to provision to support difficulties associated with visual or hearing impairment in the form of:

-Access to monitoring through Visual Impaired or Hearing Impaired Services

Access to special arrangements for all examinations

Pastoral Support and Emotional Wellbeing

Students are able to access the following provisions to support the development of students social skills and enhance self-esteem:


Social Skills groups

Pastoral support mentoring

Strategies to reduce anxiety/promote emotional wellbeing (including communication with parents)

Transition support, visits and events

Regular contact and liaison with parents as necessary

School counsellor

Personal and medical care

Administration of medication available for students throughout the day

Care plans for students with medical needs

Examinations: Access Arrangements

For some students additional arrangements and adjustments can be made to enable them to fully access a range of tests. This might include additional time, access to a reader, rest breaks, separate accommodation or the use of a scribe or word processor. The Exams Officer will inform you about eligibility and applications for these arrangements. Only tests and assessors authorised by the school and recognised by JCQ can be accepted for access arrangements for public examinations.