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Departmental homework for students to download and complete during the Academy Year.

Why do we set homework?

At North Shore Academy we create homework tasks that are meaningful and worthwhile to enhance the learning that takes place within the classroom. We also set homework that will consolidate learning and that will develop the learner to become more independent. Homework also allows students to gain practise recalling and developing the knowledge they will be required to use during STEP assessments. Setting homework for students also allows the young people to develop their own time management skills which will be useful when they progress into the workplace.

What homework will be set?

Year 7 & 8

In Key Stage 3, students will receive a variety of homework tasks from all subject areas. This will range from short tasks using Heggarty Maths, reading specific chapters of books, to longer project based activities, for example in DT.

Year 9 students will begin to complete Heggarty Maths sections and receive literacy packs to develop their language and literature over time. As Year 9 have begun their GCSE subjects, they will receive a variety of homework tasks from these areas, on a weekly basis.

GCSE Year 10 and 11 students will be issued with regular Heggarty Maths tasks and English GCSE resources, ranging from exam practise to reading and familiarising themselves with certain text. Students will also receive tasks from other GCSE subjects on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

Recording homework

Homework will be recorded by students in their own personal planners - this will enable both students and parents/carers to study the planner each evening to ensure and support students to meet each deadline.

GCSE Geography -

STEPS 4 Timetable

SYEPS 4 Year 11 Booster Sessions

Homework will be placed here for all students to download and access.

Please complete the section for your year group.